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Recommended Pet Services
Recommended Pet Service Referrals

1.  VIP Petcare Services, every Saturday for discount shots and microchipping 10:00 to 11:30am every Saturday at the Pet Food Express store on 1430 Fitzgerald Dr, Pinole.  Phone number 510-758-7779.

2.  Vet's - Pinole Animal Shelter - San Pablo Ave (Pinole) - Last Tuesday of the month, they offer clinic day in which discount shots can be given without the required $24 exam.

3.  Canine Acupuncture - Dr. Yamamoto - 1411 Treat Blvd, (Walnut Creek).  Cost is approximately $85 for acupuncture; $15 for electrical stimulation.  I can personally vouch for Dr. Yamamoto and her acupuncture treatments.  One of my doxies, Dipper, came down with IVDD disease.  He was paralyzed 20 days and within 5 treatments she had him walking. 

4.  Jennifer's Grooming - San Pablo Ave, Richmond
5.  Dr. Bennetts Mobile Vet Services -  cell - 925-519-2316; office - 510-758-7921 (vet services plus Euthanasia) www.bennettvet.com
6.  Peace for Pets , Dr. Evelyn Ivey, 510-255-5984; www.peaceforpets.net 
7.  Graham Quigley - Holistic Hound Berkeley - performs canine acupuncture 

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