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Sept09 - Thank you so much for taking such goodc are of Chevy while I was away.





Donald B.

Novato, CA

5 star rating
Updated - 5/1/2010

I've been bringing my beagle, Kenny, to Macy at the Hound Hotel in El Sobrante periodically for about a year now. She's always taken such wonderful care of Kenny, who always comes home happy and exhausted. I've been able to go on vacation and take other family trips without having to worry if Kenny is alright or not. I miss him, but he's having a great time and getting all the attention he craves, and yes, he's the center of attention. I love Kenny and I know that in Macy's care, I have nothing to worry about. Kenny always gets excited when we get near and he realizes where he's at.

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  • 5 star rating
    9/11/2009First to Review

    While I don't like traveling without my buddy, Kenny, there are times that taking him with me is either impractical or just impossible. I tried having some friends board him at their house as they have a decent sized fenced yard and two other dogs. They claimed he spent much of his time outside in their yard, however when I returned from my cruise, I found Kenny in his crate and his bedding soaked in urine. I was NOT happy. 

    I did a bunch of searching and finally came across "The Hound Hotel" in El Sobrante.


    It's a half acre around a house, all fenced off, with lots of grass, trees, plants, and even the occasional squirrel. ("SQUIRREL!")

    It's cageless. The owners interview your pets before agreeing to board or just daycare. In addition to getting to fromp and frolic all day, they get two walks plus a trip to the Pinole Valley Dog Park. 

    I've boarded Kenny there several times, most recently when my girlfriend and I went to Las Vegas for a week. Kenny always has a great time and comes home exhausted. I'm very happy with the care Kenny has received and highly recommend them. 

    I've tried Metro Dog but honestly I wasn't impressed with the warehouse / kennel feel of the place. The cashier-lady with the huge hairy armpits didn't improve my opinion of the place either.

Sept 09 Donald - "Thank you. It's always a relief knowing that I never have to worry about Kenny when he's in your care."

Sept 09 Janice S - Buck and Gia slept for almost two days after they got home!  I know that they had a good time while they were with you.  Thanks!

July 09 - J Arnold - Thank you for watching Tucker (dachshund). I don't think he wanted us to come back from vacation. He got spoiled with the trips to dog park and the walks. Thank you so much. I really have a peace of mind knowing he is with someone that loves him while we are on our vacation.


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Mike/SF (4/13)  This past month I had a new addition to my family (a rumbling tumbling Boston Terrier). It was sort of unexpected... And not planned... When I had to leave for a week out of state, I was scrambling to find a place to leave him so he would be cared for while I was away.

I went to several kennels and called tons of boarders but none of them seemed to be the right fit for where I wanted to leave my dog. I was referred to Hound Hotel by a local veterinarian.

I called and spoke with the owner, Macy. Immediately upon talking to her, I felt like I already knew her! She told me about her policies (yes , they are strict-- but it's for the safety and health of your dog and the other dogs). I made an appointment to introduce her to my dog and later in the day drove to meet her!

Her backyard is a dog's paradise. Ample bowls of water, sun beds (big pads for the dogs to lay on) and plenty of place to romp around! I was ambushed by her happy, tail-wagging dachshunds who were all smiling and eager to meet a new face! I could tell that Macy only allows dogs who get along with other dogs, because each and every dog (even the old grandpa dachshund) had their tails wagging and came up for me to pet them.

Macy sat with me for nearly two hours, giving me so much advice and pointers (I never expected this!) I felt like she was a long lost relative! And the way she interacted with my dog made me feel so happy and relieved. She gave me a bag of dog goodies and coupons and also provided me with tons of good literature and information about properly caring for your dog.

There are plenty of dog hotels that will charge you $70 a night to put your dog in a fancy room with fancy amenities... But your dog doesn't need any of that. Now what Macy provides is a fun, loving, SAFE, nurturing environment to care for your dog. Nothing fancy, only all the good things a dog truly needs- most importantly, love!

Macy kept me updated with emails, photos-- letting me know how he was doing, asking questions, giving advice. It made me rest assured on my trip that my dog was being well cared for.

This is just my first time boarding my dog with Macy. Based on this experience I already have plans to utilize her services again this week, and beyond. I can't speak highly enough of her.  

You may be thrown off by the long application and contract - but you must understand she is selective and has to be to maintain that happy, safe, healthy environment for dogs!

You will not regret bringing your dog to Hound Hotel! I know my dog can't wait to go back to play with Macy and all his new friends! Don't put your dog in some place where he (or she) will be shoved in a cage. Bring them to Hound Hotel where they will feel at home and happy, the way a dog always should feel!