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Private Residence on Sonoma Way, Pinole, CA  94564

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Dog Boarding, Long Term, Daycare in a home environment.

Everything at the Hound Hotel is focused on the dog's safety, love, attention,  health, happiness, training and exercise.  With all these, you have a well-balanced dog.
Our business is founded on the love of pets.  We believe we provide the best animal care available because of our experience and commitment to the health and happiness of each pet.  We believe a pet flourishes within a home environment, like yours, compared to being in a kennel.  Offering the finest doggie boarding or daycare with exceptional quality services anywhere in the Bay Area where lots of human contact, playtime, and love is given while their owners are away.  
Sorry, but we do not accept unannounced visitors, known as "looky-loos) due to safety, health and insurance concerns to us, our home and, of course, to our beloved client dogs. 
What Do We Offer? This is a place where your beloved dog will learn that they will be well cared for, LOVED as part of a family, and can play, relax, receive mental/physical stimulation and socialization skills without the stress of being in a crate, or being in a kennel environment with dog runs and with limited human interaction.   We want all dogs to feel our home is like an extension of your home, without a kennel.

So Where Are We?  We're located in the quiet, charming woodsy area named Pinole.  
Where Do We Go for Park Visits?  Visits to the local dog park in Pinole, Pinole Dog Park, is where you will find us with a 1-2 daily hour visit, (twice per day sometimes.) 
Your Meet and Greet Interview - Your dog will be assessed for social ability tests. It will take approximate 30-45 minutes while your dog interviews me, smells me and determines if I and our dogs meet his/her approval. 
What dogs are allowed?  Small and medium size dogs, no more than 35 lbs.  (Up to 50 lbs for Basset Hounds; low leg dogs, etc.) All dogs must be house-trained and up to date on their rabies, bordatella and distemper vaccines.
Are Crates Used?  No crates are used unless you want them in a crate for bedtime or if they want to go into one to rest.  Please be sure to bring one of your used T-Shirt, their blanket or dog bed.  All dogs sleep in the house at night, and sleep just like they do at your home.  Yep, we've been known to sleep on the edges of our bed while our canine guests get the luxury of sleeping in the middle.  Sound familiar?
How Will Your Dog Be Treated?  Like Family, of course!  Your pet will be always be treated as a family member and will benefit from the love and attention they receive during their guest stay.  24-hour care and security is provided. Puppies, geriatric and special needs pets (those who are on medication) are always welcome and medication is given at no extra charge. 

Don't Be Surprised If Your Pet Is Tired After Visiting Us. If you elect to have your dog walked or go to the daily 1-3 hour dog park visits, clients have told us their dog sleeps for hours, even the day after, when their dogs gets home.  

We here to help you, so come on over for a visit, let's chit-chat with each other while your pet and I interview each other and investigates our property.... you and your pet will not be disappointed...Your pet will soon learn we are also part of his family-pack and that's what important for you and your pet!

So What Else Do We Offer?: 

  • Our application and contract will be emailed to you once we receive a picture of your dog to our email address along with service dates and an approximate drop off and pickup times.  
  • Our dropoff and pickup hours are 8am-12 midnight. 
  • Free boarding pickup and delivery with a Pinole address.
  • Long boarding over 14 days?  We also have a payment plan.  Pay 1/2 of the boarding fee at the time of drop off, while also providing, at the time of drop off, a postdated check, written for the day you will be picking up, for the remaining 1/2th balance at the time of drop off. 

  WE ALSO OFFER OUR IN-HOME CARE PROGRAM -  We come to your place for those pet owners who have more than one pet, or would like your dog to stay at your home.   Please inquire about these details.

Basic fee includes one 30 minute walk per day around the neighborhood and do not include visits to the dog park, which is a separate $15 daily charge (a 1-2 hour visit). 

Cities Serviced:  Albany, Benecia, Berkeley, Crockett, El Sobrante, Emeryville, Kensington, Piedmont, Oakland, Piedmont, El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Hercules, Lafayette, Martinez, Moraga, Orinda, Pinole, Pleasant Hill, Richmond, San Pablo, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Vallejo.  Serving all East Bay Contra Costa County cities.

Please feel free to either email me at 'houndhotel@yahoo.com or call me at 510-220-2102.  I'm here to help you with your daycare or boarding needs. Or if you just have a question about your dog.
CUSTOMER RATES - for either daycare or boarding. 
  • Rates are $40 per day; billing from 8a-7p; and free nights from 7p-8a.  Please take advantage of our FREE pre-boarding option (arrive after 7pm the evening before your actual boarding day starts.) Rate includes neighborhood walks per day.
  • Your boarding hours are prorated at a $5 per hour charge with a maximum $35 per day boarding rate. So, for example if you arrive at 3p to start boarding, you would only be paying from 3p-7p = 4 hours x $5 = $20 for that days boarding.
  • $10 charge per day for dogs not potty trained, in the stages of being potty trained, or mark on furniture if your dog pees or poops on carpet or floors. This is for cleanup/sterilization.  I only charge if I see them doing the "dirty deed" and not taking advantage of our opened back door.
  • $15 per day for a dog park visit for a 1-2 hour visit.  You can choose if/when, and the days you would like your pet go to the dog park for socialization and fun times.
  • We have a Loyalty Program.  One stamp per day/per dog is given in our Loyalty program.  Collect 10 stamps and receive a $10 credit toward a future visit. 
  • Boarding pickup hours are between 8-9am (no charge).  After 9am, the $5 per hour charge commences.
  • Evening pick hours are until 12 midnight.  




This is fantastic for those who are still feeding kibble or are contemplating making the switch to raw. This guy explains perfectly about the "ingredients" in kibble. 


 Also, If you're not familiar with the work of Susan Thixton - do yourself a favor and bookmark her site. She is a consumer advocate and one of the pet food industries worst nightmares! In fact she became such a problem for the industry that she was INVITED to sit on the AAFCO board - where she continues to serve today (they say to keep your enemies close and that's just what the pet food industry has done). When I choose to feed commercial brands I tend to gravitate toward the food she endorses.









Many things in life can wait. Dogs cannot.  Their personalities are being formed, their senses and socialability are being developed.  So get them to the dog park!   

WHAT'S NEW WITH US?  Our Loyalty Card Program....One stamp per full boarding day. Receive 10 stamps and receive a $10 credit toward a future visit.  Cannot be used or count toward daycare.  WE WUV YOUR DOG!



Hi Ho, Hi Ho, on the way to the park we go!


Sorry, with our low rates, we do not offer a multi-dog boarding discount. We do however offer a long-term boarding discount.



This past month I had a new addition to my family (a rumbling tumbling Boston Terrier). It was sort of unexpected... And not planned... When I had to leave for a week out of state, I was scrambling to find a place to leave him so he would be cared for while I was away.

I went to several kennels and called tons of boarders but none of them seemed to be the right fit for where I wanted to leave my dog. I was referred to Hound Hotel by a local veterinarian.

I called and spoke with the owner, Macy. Immediately upon talking to her, I felt like I already knew her! She told me about her policies (yes , they are strict-- but it's for the safety and health of your dog and the other dogs). I made an appointment to introduce her to my dog and later in the day drove to meet her!

Her backyard is a dog's paradise. Ample bowls of water, sun beds (big pads for the dogs to lay on) and plenty of place to romp around! I was ambushed by her happy, tail-wagging dachshunds who were all smiling and eager to meet a new face! I could tell that Macy only allows dogs who get along with other dogs, because each and every dog (even the old grandpa dachshund) had their tails wagging and came up for me to pet them.

Macy sat with me for nearly two hours, giving me so much advice and pointers (I never expected this!) I felt like she was a long lost relative! And the way she interacted with my dog made me feel so happy and relieved. She gave me a bag of dog goodies and coupons and also provided me with tons of good literature and information about properly caring for your dog.

There are plenty of dog hotels that will charge you $70 a night to put your dog in a fancy room with fancy amenities... But your dog doesn't need any of that. Now what Macy provides is a fun, loving, SAFE, nurturing environment to care for your dog. Nothing fancy, only all the good things a dog truly needs- most importantly, love!

Macy kept me updated with emails, photos-- letting me know how he was doing, asking questions, giving advice. It made me rest assured on my trip that my dog was being well cared for.

This is just my first time boarding my dog with Macy. Based on this experience I already have plans to utilize her services again this week, and beyond. I can't speak highly enough of her.  

You may be thrown off by the long application and contract - but you must understand she is selective and has to be to maintain that happy, safe, healthy environment for dogs!

You will not regret bringing your dog to Hound Hotel! I know my dog can't wait to go back to play with Macy and all his new friends! Don't put your dog in some place where he (or she) will be shoved in a cage. Bring them to Hound Hotel where they will feel at home and happy, the way a dog always should feel!

Yelp:  Hound Hotel - El Sobrante, CA
Questions or comments?
Get in touch with us at: 510-220-2102

Email Address is houndhotel@yahoo.com